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Why we need Avid Autos

Well, it is because of my journey, my family, my father, my children and you. My name is Andrew Noakes and I am the founder of Avid Autos. I have been an auto enthusiast, aficionado and at times fanatic for as long as I can recall. I was drawing cars, trucks, race cars, dragsters, off road vehicles, classics, antiques and exotics since I was about 10 and have been working on my friends, my families and my own cars and trucks since I was about 12. I bet that sounds familiar to most of you reading this.

I have a genuine passion for all things automotive. I love the shapes, the contours and the sculptured lines of automobiles the world over; the endless paint schemes and drivetrain configurations; the aroma and even that awesome stench of burning fuel; the feel, the touch and the ambiance of a leather interior and that rush one gets hearing the engine burble, rumble and roar. It is that wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth, busted knuckle excitement that so many of us can relate to and love.

But the journey for many of us has come off the tracks as of late. It has taken a sad and unfortunate course over the last few decades. I have spoken with hundreds, if not more, classic car and truck enthusiasts over the years and common across these conversations is the feeling of loss. The loss of camaraderie, the loss of heart and soul, the feeling of being squeezed out by giant corporations and most important, the loss of community. In its place we have seen and experienced the onset of sterility and greed from the giant corporate establishment machines both foreign and domestic that dominate the online automotive world. So many people I spoke with have said that they feel like a number and they feel tossed aside. They feel lost and believe they have just become a statistic or a data point in some algorithmic black hole. Call me a fool, call me arrogant, call me stupid and naive, I have been called a lot of things in my day but what I want to be called and remembered for is that I played a part in the revival of a true classic car community and I want you to join me. So many men and women I have talked to feel much the same way. Classic Car and Truck People are the life blood behind Avid Autos. The largest part of this revival is community, and the largest part of the community is you.

Avid Autos has just begun, and she has a long way to go to become a community. I understand and expect this will take time. She will grow from a few people, to a small group and move onto becoming a community. I have every intention to drive this family owned business into a classic car and truck community. I never want Avid Autos to become or to be swallowed up by big business or by a corporation because it seems to me that this is where and how communities die.

I have been told by many that Avid Autos is a welcomed and much-needed idea and that it will be going up against the giants. I am fully aware that eventually this will be true, but I look at this challenge the same way we all look at garage finds, rusty relics and our much loved dented and patinaed classics. There is still life in all of them and we are the lucky ones that choose to breathe new life into them. Our community needs new life and the way I see it, there is always another car to be saved, resurrected, and of course driven. There is always another automotive dream and another automotive adventure waiting around the corner. I hope you will become part of the Avid Autos dream and adventure by joining and becoming part of the Avid Autos community.

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